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This week’s selections:

Genesis 18:16 – 31:16
Matthew 6:25 – 10:23
Psalms 8 – 12
Proverbs 2:6 – 3:15

The day-by-day reading chunks are available here.

Comments? Thoughts? Responses to others’ thoughts?


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I’m kicking off the One Year Bible reading plan today with a few friends, and if you are reading this, you are welcome too! Here are the tentative details:

Goals for the Group
1. Partnering with others to improve our individual chances of reading the whole Bible in 2011
2. Mutual support and encouragement along the way
3. Sharing thoughts and experiences from the journey
4. Fostering gentle, respectful discussion

I may revise these goals over time, but this is a place to start.

For me, this is not about beating myself into submission. I’m thinking of the project as a gentle intention, one that I will nurture and support by recruiting partners, planning ahead, and celebrating each step along the way. I want to keep my primary focus on the process, the path that I am walking right now, rather than on the destination. What resistance, internal or external, am I experiencing? What judgments do I notice in myself? What are my opportunities for joy and thankfulness? What am I learning about God, His people, and myself? It’s not just about the text — as important as it is! — but also about how I engage with the text, myself, and God along the way.

The Readings
Get your free reading plan at the One Year Bible Online. I like their daily or weekly email subscription option. Links in the email take you to your daily reading online, or you can work in your own Bible. Alternatively, you can purchase a One Year Bible, though the translation choices are limited (no NASB, for example).

Support and Discussion – Online
This is all tentative; we can adjust as needed. For now, rather than sending an email out every week, I’ll put a simple post here each Saturday that refers to the week’s reading selections. As you work through the week’s readings, you can post a comment saying “Done!” or something to that effect, either daily or weekly (whichever is more helpful for you), and as you feel led, also share any thoughts or impressions you have, or perhaps difficulties or frustrations you are encountering. It would be lovely to get some discussion going this way. We can respond to each others’ comments, so long as we are respectful and supportive of each person’s path. This is not a theological debate forum.

You can access these OYB posts quickly at any time by clicking the One Year Bible tab at the top of my home page. No scrolling or searching required!

Support and Discussion – In Person
Depending on how many Houston participants we have, locals may meet once or twice per month for additional discussion and support. The first meeting would not be until the fourth week of January, to give everyone time to settle back down after the holidays. Let me know if you want to participate in a local meeting.

And now. . .


Here’s the ground we’ll cover over the next seven days. For the day-by-day reading selections, go here.

Genesis 1:1 – 18:15
Matthew 1:1 – 6:24
Psalms 1:1 – 7:17
Proverbs 1:1 – 2:5

Let it begin!

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