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Egg Foo Yung in a Bird Bowl

Bird bowls have many uses. When, for instance, one tries to make Egg Foo Yung for the first time and and misreads the instructions and uses a cast iron skillet that is too big and then can’t find a plate big enough to tip the Egg Foo Yung out onto, a bird bowl is your best friend. Sure, your dinner make look a little silly and the sauce and garnishes may pool in the middle and your inner critic may mock you mercilessly, but you still win.

Not only do you discover that Egg Foo Yung is your soul mate (who is that dark-haired stranger sitting across the table? Wasn’t he here last night too?), when you’ve devoured much more than your fair share, you uncover that cheerful, wise little bird. And that is a most excellent way to end the day.

(I know, I’m obsessed. I promise no more posts about the bird bowl. I can’t make any promises about Egg Foo Yung, though. It rocked my world.)


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Did you know that deciding on a color is the most difficult part of buying a Weber grill? Since it is also the most important, I offer these valuable tips:

Step 1. Narrow down your choice to 2 colors, then freak out because you really can’t choose your favorite.


Weber 1427001 Performer Charcoal Grill, Green

Or blue?
Weber 1428001 Performer Charcoal Grill, Dark Blue

(both images from Amazon; click on a photo to go to its source)

Step 2. Obsess. As you tuck in to your morning eggs, Green or blue? As you blast breakfast away with your WaterPik, Green or blue? As you subdue your hair, Green or blue? While you’re trying to meditate, Green or blue? In the middle of the Pilates 100s, Green or blue?

Step 3. Face it: you’re in over your head. It’s time to enlist help from someone who is even more interested in the color avidly devoted to your happiness¬†than you are: the Husband. So call him at work.

You: I can’t decide on a color. Green or blue?

Him: Ummm…

You: No, really, what do you think? Which do you prefer?

Him: I, uh……I like both. Whatever you want. Green is nice. Blue is nice. We don’t have anything green, do we?

You: No, but we could. I think about buying green things a lot.

Him: Oh.

Step 4. Plan B:¬†Realize that Weber grills resemble M&Ms. Now you’re getting somewhere! Do you like green or blue M&Ms better? When you’re strategically eating your M&Ms by color (everyone does this, right?), which do you leave for last?

Step 5. Armed with your brilliant M&M analogy, re-consult the husband. Now he’s bound to be helpful!

Or not.

Step 6. Visualization. Close your eyes. Picture yourself balancing a platter of steaks in one hand with tongs tightly clenched underneath, tripping out of your kitchen, out of your apartment, down the stairs, and outside to your beautiful, shiny grill. Set down your tray, wipe your hands, open the lid, throw on the steaks, close the lid, and dawdle. Do this with the green grill, then the blue grill. Then the green grill, then the blue grill.

Step 7. Fret.

Step 8. Order the blue grill already!

Step 9. Congratulate yourself on your ever-impeccable taste and come up with 101 reasons you’re really glad you picked the blue instead of the green. Share at least 50 of these reasons with the Husband; he’ll appreciate it.

Step 10. Invite family over for your inaugural grilling session, terribly overcook the steaks, char the poblano peppers into oblivion, have a great time anyway, and fall in love with that shiny blue M&M that offers so much smoky goodness.

P.S. Don’t forget to offer moral support during assembly. (Beer and kisses are a nice touch for superior service.)

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