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From Death to Life

One of the discussion questions at our community group tonight was, “How has Jesus’ touch healed you in the past?” Alas, to put an answer in words. I can’t point to a single incident; I see the past few years as one enormous, continuous healing. Jesus is bringing me to life. I look back a year, three years, seven years: where I was then looks like death to me. But today I live!  And ahead of me is life yet more abundant. How very strange that we should have these physical bodies that die a little every day, but in Christ we can live a little more fully each day. We approach death and true life concurrently, and how wildly the latter outweighs the former! When we try to know God, when we desire to love Him, when we seek to walk with Him in the everlasting way, Jesus is right there to meet us. We move toward the most complete and real and glorious Life possible, the Life God created us for — and what does that look like?  I want to find out.


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